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2nd Quarter | 2014
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ITC 2014

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2nd Quarter 2014 Issue

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From the Editor's Desk

Dear friend,

The world is in motion and so is the Theosophical movement. Many things are taking place at the same time at a considerable speed which makes it is hard to keep track of the latest developments. Tim Boyd was elected international president of the TS-Adyar last April and it is evident that much and hard work is waiting. The change in leadership of the largest Theosophical organization offers a unique opportunity for all to actively contribute in a positive manner. The Theosophical Society doesn’t belong to its General Council, its Executive Committee, or its international president but solely to its members worldwide.

Transparency, renovation and innovation are going to be the keywords for the years to come and there are ways for each one of us to see where and how we can be a part of this process. In his inaugural address Tim Boyd said: “As the eighth president, I am the most recent one to bring my own particular set of imperfections to this work, but I promise that I will try. More than that, I cannot promise.” Anne Frank, widely known for her impressive diary written during the dark years of the Second World War, wrote: “No one has ever become poor by giving.” We do not need to be perfect to give; we all live knowing our own imperfections, and when we unconditionally give, it isn’t for ourselves but for the benefit of mankind.

That is why I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who “give” to Theosophy Forward. There are fourteen volunteers who are helping out with articles, artwork, editing, and translations. All of them, I am sure, are aware and conscious of what needs to be done to guide not only the TS-Adyar, but the movement as such into the right direction. Rather than bombarding readers on various sites with avalanches of criticisms, pointing solely to mistakes made, they give and serve, thus adding to a healing process as if it were a sacred exercise.

So, what have you done today?
New Issue - Contents by category

Human Regeneration - Part three, Radha Burnier; Theosophy as Religion, from a Student; The Voice of the Silence 12 (Verses 161-181), John Algeo; Some Words on Daily Life, by an unnamed Master of Wisdom; L. Frank Baum and Theosophy - Part two, John Algeo; SERIES - OUR UNITY: Contributions by Ali Ritsema, David Grossman, Hans van Aurich, and Barend Voorham.

Edwin Lutyens, Charles Bressey and My Mother, Marty Bax.

Bertrand Russell, Kimberly Giles, Fritjof Capra, Simon Mainwaring and Mohandas Gandhi; all about Cooperation.
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Five anecdotes about RABBIS.
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Editorial - There Is a New International President: Now What Do We Do?, Jan Nicolaas Kind; Similarities and Differences of Theosophical Traditions, Jim Colbert; Mini-interviews Second Quarter 2014 with Isaac Jauli Dávila, Steven Otto, Mike Vallis, Isis Maria Borges de Resende, Marcos Luis Borges de Resende, Pamela Zane Keys and Sampsa Kuukasjärvi.

From the European School of Theosophy, Amsterdam, Adyar, ITC (International Theosophy Conferences, Inc.), Munich and the EFTS.

In collaboration with the editor-in-chief of the Theosophical Encyclopedia, Mr. Vincente Hao Chin Jr., Theosophy Forward publishes the following entries: Native American Religions - Part one; Australian Aboriginal Spiritual Beliefs; Ancient Egyptian Religion - Part one.

Integrating Meditation With Science; Focus - Part seven, Leo Babauta.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.” George R.R. Martin.
Two books are reviewed on Theosophy Forward.
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A La Luz De La Teosofía – Los Ojos; Radha Burnier - Enciclopedia teosófica; ?Meditación para Ansiedad, Depresión?; Nuestra Unidad-Serie: Marijn Gijsbers, Jonathan Colbert.

A Luz da Teosofia -Os Olhos; Radha Burnier - Enciclopédia Teosófica; Meditaçao para a Ansiedade e para a Depressao?; A Nossa Unidade-Serie: Marijn Gijsbers, Jonathan Colbert.

Alla luce della Teosofia – Occhi; Radha Burnier - Enciclopedia Teosofica; Ansia e depressione: serve meditare?; Per la serie-La nostra unita: Marijn Gijsbers, Jonathan Colbert.
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ITC (International Theosophy Conferences) 2014

The theme for the 2014 conference is:

“Theosophy, Unity and Helping the World … Where do we go from here?”

The venue where this historic international conference will take place is the International Theosophical Centre at Naarden. It is a wonderfully located spiritual retreat centre fostering Brotherhood and Peace, right in the heart of The Netherlands. It has a long history of serving Theosophy and is affiliated with the Theosophical Society, Adyar.

Each conference day will start with introduction lectures. After those, participants in workshops will be doing the most important and demanding work. Results of the workshops will be presented in plenary feedback sessions, as input for the end product of the gathering: “The ITC 2014, Naarden Declaration.” Furthermore, the core of the ITC program in Naarden will consist of three parts: Religion, Philosophy, and Science.

Theosophist from all over the world will attend: India, New Zealand, South Africa, Zambia, Brazil, Honduras, the USA, Iceland, Madeira and many other European countries.

Introduction speakers: Tim Boyd (keynote), Barend Voorham, Betty Bland, Eugene Jennings, Trân-Thi-Kim-Dieu, Joop Smits and Jacques Mahnich, while Jon Knebel will elaborate on the Mahâ Chohan’s letter.

Please consider coming and sharing your Theosophical wealth.
It is highly recommended that you register as soon as possible and book your accommodation to avoid disappointment.
Go to ITC’s website to fill out the registration form: ....

Please note: Although the names "International Theosophical Centre" and "International Theosophy Conferences Inc." when abbreviated are similar (i.e. both "ITC") it needs to be understood that they are two separate entities.

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